Bike & School Rentals

We can help arrange for bike rentals or scooter rentals, in whizzing around the city under the sun, getting to know it up close and personal.


Sightseeing by bus or train

We can help facilitate sightseeing tours via bus or train for those who feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of sites to see, and prefer a spotlight guided introduction instead.


National Gardens

The oasis that is the National Gardens in the otherwise bustling city of Athens is a must for those seeking peace and a paradisiacal setting. Wander around the lush, landscaped gardens, and admire the beauty!


Out for a stroll

And, of course, our professional and personable team members will happily help recommend restaurants, cafés, bars, and shopping destinations, with a stroll around the quaint Plaka neighbourhood being - in our experience - a particularly popular spot. Whatever activity our guests decide to engage in, returning come night to the warm and welcoming haven of our vintage hotel in the heart of Athens is a joy unto itself, with a rooftop garden a breath away from the Acropolis awaiting to serve you a glass of wine and Greek-inspired platter. Heaven!